Awaken the Dragon

The Dragon conjures up different things for different people.

Notably a powerful symbol, some Western religions have associated it with evil, although in the East it is highly revered, often seen as a Supreme Being, or a symbol of greatness, nobility and power. In China, Dragons are one of the four sacred creatures said to contain both elements of yin and yang, and represent the coming together of spirit and matter. Dragons are also believed to represent the many obstacles that humans face throughout life that must first be overcome before true happiness and inner peace - or enlightenment - can be attained.

I have been working ‘consciously’ with the Dagon energy since 2000, when I started to receive geometric-shaped symbols in my meditations. I had no idea what they were but felt to record them however. It was a short time later that a psychic–Channel revealed to me that the symbols formed part of an ancient healing system that were to be used specifically with crystal energy and which were connected to DRACO - the Dragon – a star constellation located in the Northern sky. I was also told that the seeding of the symbols occur on the planet at the turn of every 1,000 year cycle, and the last time they were utilised was 5,000 years ago.

So began my journey..

As I started to work with the symbols and crystals on myself I discovered they were revealing and healing parts that I had long held and previously not been able to shift. They were even bringing to the surface parts I was not even aware of! As I allowed the symbols to ‘speak’ through me, they were revealing their own unique wisdom, and not only teaching me what they were about and how to use them, but they were opening up my own inner wisdom as well as seemingly more universal or ‘Higher’ truths and understandings.

To further validate what I had been given, I tested it out on others. With their permission to use the symbols but without telling them exactly what the symbols meant, the person would feed back exactly what they represented.

For personal use as well as planet-earth healing, the system – called the DRACO (Dragon) Healing Symbols System – has 52* symbols, helping with a range of issues from belief patterns to emotional issues, physical conditions, relationships, opening intuition, connecting to Higher Self, releasing blockages, karma & past lives, balancing masculine/feminine, unity consciousness, sacred elements*, etc.... It is a complete system that helps you to heal and move through the layers to your Essential or ‘True Self’. It works with 16 chakras* of the human energy system opening up to the multi-dimensional levels of self, and utilises all of the rays. Being instrumental in the shifting of consciousness of the planet, it is assisting in the balancing of the planetary being itself, and also for cosmic evolution.

More recently, DRACO Movement Yoga has been developed that brings together energy healing and yoga. A form of transformational yoga, it aims to help heal, ground the energies through every level of your being, as well as deepen the connection with Self and with All.

On a personal level, the symbols seem to connect to deeper levels within psyche and are like ‘light codes’ that help one to open up, to heal and ‘bring back to light’ the parts of self that have been judged, buried or denied. Including the dark or shadow aspects of self – those parts we don’t like to admit about ourselves and certainly not willing to show anyone else!

It does this because the energy is clear-cut – there is no room for illusion. It shows you the truth of who you are. Its essence is the Unconditional Love aspect of Source and as such anything that is not in alignment with Unconditional Love is brought up for you to see and if you choose, to embrace with Love. If there is something in your life that is holding you back, the Dragon energy taps into deeper parts of self to bring them into your conscious awareness for healing and resolution to help you move forward.

All things are considered and nothing is judged, in the knowing that all is part of the Whole. This energy then brings together and holds the opposites or polarities of life and has no judgment of either: light-dark, male-female/masculine-feminine, yin-yang, love- fear, creation-destruction, spirit-matter, etc. It helps you to integrate or unify parts of self to unity and wholeness –which means to love yourself as you are, to be in harmony with who you be, and therefore come into balance.

In Oneness with Self, there is no separation. You are in Unconditional Being-ness, where everything just ‘is’ – in neutrality, beyond polarities and illusion. Transformed, you have come back to your True Self – and in your power, strength, wisdom, nobility-sovereignty - the qualities of a Dragon. You have brought ‘Heaven to Earth’, spirit into matter. In this place of Mastery, you know you can choose from love or you can choose from fear. You know you have a choice and take responsibility for how you to choose to run your energy and live your life.

Whether feared or revered, the Dragon energy is awakening again, and as I see it brings with it an opportunity for all to live and be in our full potential. Facing the Dragon and aspects of self has been a huge transformational force in my life, allowing the new – and a new 'me' – to be birthed or created. As the journey has unfolded it's shown that DRACO-dragon is really about evolution - the evolution of the soul, and its evolution through LOVE.........the fabric that unites all together........ the Essence of life.

Michelle J. Harris

(Updated from 2006)

* NOTE: since this article (written in 2007), I have received more symbols that make up the DRACO Dragon Healing Symbols System. To date in 2011, there are over 70 symbols with the advanced codes that make up the lunar, solar and galactic DRACO codes. M. Harris 2011

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