Dragon Healing Meditation

Each one of us has the potential to be in our ‘full potential’.

At this key time of the Earth and humanity's evolution, we are ALL being asked to step up and CLAIM who we are. A powerful force embodying many qualities including strength, courage, wisdom, peace, nobility and protection, the Dragon Energy is a key energy as we move into our New World.

And Now is the Time... The dragon energy brings to each one of us the potential to be our 'true self' - in our power, our wisdom, our strength, our Truth.

As a symbol of transformation, the dragon energy is an integrated energy and can help you to heal and unify through Love what is holding you back........ helping you to see each ‘setback’ as a gift or purpose to your own unique experience and journey.

Join Michelle Harris in an inspiring and invoking healing meditation where you will connect to the dragon energy to help you shift blocks and come to deeper levels of balance and harmony. re-awaken to your inherent potential, claim your sovereignty, and initiate all you are meant to be.