DRACO Distance / Online Training Program

Creating Positive Change in Yourself, Your Life and Our World

The Power of the Dragon is rising as we embrace this new era and the presence of the Dragon Energy is assisting Humanity to evolve into the energies of Unconditional Love & Unconditional being...to come into Oneness and Unity Consciousness.

How Can You Help?

As DRACO / Dragon is now effecting change on a bigger scale, there is an opportunity to work with the Dragon Energy through the DRACO Distance Training Program.

By working either individually or with a group in your area, you not only assist yourself, but you are also helping to anchor the energy on the planet - seeding the energy within and radiating this out to affect All..... and creating Communities of Love.

The DRACO Distance Training Program – What is it?

The Draco Distance Training Program is an online version of the core components of the DRACO 5 Phase Training Program (see under 'Training' Section on Home Page at www.dracohealing.com).

It teaches the use and application of the first 52 DRACO Codes of the DRACO (Dragon) Healing Symbols System, including a variety of tools and techniques. It is a course for Transformation, Self-empowerment and Self-Love.

Here’s what others are saying..

"I'm glad to have attended your Draco course... It gave me the time and space to reflect, to really look deep within and to reconnect with the All That Is. The course was one of the keys I needed to remember who I Am. It has transformed me... I feel a lot calmer and have more insight in life on Earth. It's beautiful to be fully alive again! I feel a lot more passionate about life now. Friends are noticing it too. :)..

Thank you so much for being there and for embracing us (the group)/me with your Unconditional Love!!! "

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The Intention

It is with great honour and respect for the DRACO (Dragon) Healing Symbols System and DRACO / Dragon Energy that this Distance Training Program has been designed for those who feel they would like to be part of this ‘Dragon Awakening’, and/or you would simply like to do the training in the comfort of your own home, with family and / or friends.

The intent is to help 'seed' the energy in each country of the globe, inspire each person to be their 'True Self', and help Humanity to shift into the higher frequencies and vibrations of Unconditional Love, Oneness and Unity Consciousness.

How does it work?

The Distance/Online Program is flexible. You can use the symbols in your own time at your own pace.* You can also do the course by yourself; or gather a group and do it together - offering you the opportunity to support and help each other.

Each symbol/code is used with crystal energy. The course provides instructions on how to work with the symbols, plus there is a short recorded journey / meditation that you follow. Each code and journey is an activation that operates on different levels.

As there are 52 codes in the training, you might like to use one code a week for up to 1 year. Or, if you prefer, you may complete it within a shorter time period. It is designed to fit in with your needs and your schedule.

What’s Included in the Program?

The course includes attunements and activations using the symbols with crystals, and MP3 recordings with a short guided journey/visualization for each symbol/code....and

This Online Training has:-

  • A 50-page E-book / Training Course manual
  • Around 60 guided journeys/meditations in MP3 audio recordings
  • Two attunements to using the Dragon Energy through the DRACO (Dragon) Healing Symbols System
  • Multi-leveled healing & activations
  • Guidance and instruction on how to activate /work with each code/symbol
  • Various Self healing tools / techniques
  • Monitoring/liaison with Michelle Harris where you can ask questions relating to the training
  • The opportunity to later train directly with Michelle to learn how to teach others how to use the system
  • Certificate upon completion of the course
  • The opportunity to share and seed LOVE around the globe...and
  • Create a Community of Inspired People who live as their True Self in Oneness with Self and with All....

Would You Like to Help?

To register for this Course to be part of this global seeding, or for further information, please contact Michelle by clicking the tab at the left side of this page.

"DRACO: The Evolution of the Soul, and It's Evolution through Love."

* Please note this course must be completed within 1 year of starting.