7 Master Code Training Program

(For those who have claimed their spirit self/ Healers/Therapists/Practitioners/Teachers)

This condensed healing training is ideal for those who have claimed their spirit self, and / or Healers/Therapists/Practitioners/Teachers who are interested in using the DRACO symbols for themselves and /or on their clients.

It covers the 7 'master' or main symbols from the 5 Phases and the Lunar, Solar & Galactic Draco Codes .

These 7 master or 7 key codes from the DRACO (Dragon) Healing Symbols System reflect 7 levels of Being.

The 7 levels are:

  • Sub-terra (inner earth)
  • Terra
  • Lunar
  • Solar
  • Galactic
  • Causal
  • Divine

This Course is split into 7 'steps' to reflect the 7 levels. Held over 7 sessions, each session will be around 2 hours where you will work with one symbol at a time, going on a 'journey' into deeper levels of yourself and the inner planes, activating, healing, and aligning as you do so.

Certificate issued.