5 Phase DRACO Training Program

The 5 Phase Training Program teaches you how to work with the first 52 DRACO codes/symbols, and the practice and application of the DRACO (Dragon) Healing Symbols System. Designed to help you heal and develop yourself as you learn, it is a program for growth, discovery, understanding, and empowerment; as well learning how to use on others to assist them in their healing.

The training is therefore highly interactive and in all Phases you will do meditations/self-healing, as well as practice healing sessions on others. Structured and progressive - the energy builds as you go through each level/phase, taking you on a journey of deepening exploration of healing and discovery;


Phase 1 awakens you to the DRACO teaching and you will be given the first attunement to this powerful energy system. You will start to learn how to use and apply the DRACO symbols, that aim to create better health and well being on all levels. In this Phase, we will cover the basics about the Human energy system & working with crystals, including basic layout for chakra balancing. You will learn symbols for: physical & emotional healing, releasing blocks, mind level healing-beliefs, sacral centre issues, empowerment, 1st line intuition, directing the energy flow, energizing/dispersing energy in chakras, and cleansing crystals. You are encouraged to bring along any crystals/stones you may like to use.

Duration: 1 day workshop


Phase 2 develops on the first set of symbols and begins to teach you tools/techniques that provide the 'grounding' or a basis for working more deeply with the symbols and the rest of the Training Program. In this Phase we cover: inner child & aspects of self, working with fears & beliefs, relationship issues & forgiveness. We work with the colour rays for the chakras 1-7. You connect to your Soul and learn symbols for: opening to your soul, soul healing, Higher intuition, integrating physical/mental/emotional levels. It also teaches some crystal layouts & grids for healing.

Prerequisites: You need to have completed Phase 1 to do Phase 2.

Duration: 2 day workshop


Phase 3 brings in the added power of sound and you will deepen the healing process with symbols such as the 'Eye of knowledge' and those concerned with spiritual power, past/other life, 'shadow' aspects, and aligning physical/mental/emotional/spiritual selves. You will also discover the deeper meaning/symbolism of dragon & the connection to the phoenix; and reference to sacred geometry, the merkabah and the lightbody; incorporating a crystal merkabah grid healing & manifesting.

Prerequisites: to have completed Phase 2.

Duration: 2 day workshop


Opening to a 12-chakra system, you will now work with Higher Chakras 8 - 12 and their Rays, connecting you to your I AM Presence as well as your Council of 12 which are your own Guidance Council. You will connect directly to DRACO and the Beings of Light, receive a symbol to further empower the DRACO energy, and those symbols for: crown chakra, aligning will-spirit-personality/surrender, abundance, I AM, 12 rays/Council of 12, Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, the Sacred Elements, Universal Truths, Christ Consciousness, and Protection/Balance symbol. This Module also extends your healing by assisting the Planet with Planetary Healing symbols.

Prerequisites: to have completed Phase 3.

Duration: 2 day workshop

Phase 5 - MASTER

Your vibration aligns to the Chakras/Rays 13-16, and you will receive the Master attunement and the symbols for: 13th chakra, thymus, depossession/toxicity/energy parasites, Jupiter symbol, the Master symbol & the Completion symbol.

This Phase will also incorporate the "Pyramid of Balance: Building Through the Harmony of Life” Model that helps you to begin to ground and bring together your own Mastery.

Prerequisites: to have completed Phase 4

Certificate issued after each Phase.

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