The Pyramid of Balance Healing Sessions

“Building Through the Harmony of Life;
When all things are in balance and flow.”

Often stress and tension arise when we are in conflict with what is happening within and around us. Usually, there are different aspects or parts of ourselves that are in conflict that is creating the disharmony or imbalance.

A powerful & ancient symbol, the pyramid is often associated with balance. In order for the pyramid to ‘stand’, each corner of it is given equal weight and consideration.

Similarly in order for us to feel in balance and ‘stand in who we be’, we need to bring the different corners - or aspects of ourselves - into balance. Once we have the ‘keys’ to resolving the causes of our tensions or conflicts, we become more open, allowing us to live in more harmony and flow with who we are, what is happening in our lives, and what we want to achieve. You know are the Master of your Life.

Over a series of sessions, different areas are explored relative to your own situation. Michelle will help you identify the ‘root cause’ of your discomfort/issue, incorporating a variety of self evaluation exercises and the application of different ‘tools’ and techniques.

You will be asked to keep a private journal (which is for yourself only) to help you record your insights & experiences. This focus and structure is designed to help you to empower yourself, as well as create realistic and step-by-step changes to the life you want.

Michelle may use a combination of tools/techniques. Any issue/condition may be addressed in the sessions.

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Michelle's Testimonials..

"This morning, I have been watching the unspeakable beauty of the sunrise unfold before me and felt the divine flow through me with every sense.

I felt gratitude for my life vibrate in every cell of my body and part of that gratitude was to you"..

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