How did it come about?

Around the year 2000 Michelle started to receive symbols in her meditations. Not fully understanding or knowing what they were, she felt to record them in her journal however.

Soon after she was informed by a Channel/Psychic that the symbols were part of an ancient healing system that was connected to a star constellation called DRACO, and that they were to be used specifically & only with crystal energy.

With the information given, she then experimented with the symbols & crystals on herself. She discovered they were revealing and healing parts of herself that she had long held and not previously been able to shift.

Even parts she was not even aware of. They were revealing their own unique wisdom as well as helping her open up to her own inner wisdom, and seemingly more universal or ‘Higher’ truths & understandings.

She began to further test with what she had had been given on others. With their permission to use the symbols but without telling them exactly what the symbols meant, the person would feed back exactly what they represented.

Since then, the system has developed and grown with now over 70 symbols. It provides an integrated and complete system of healing helping lots of people with a variety of issues and situations from belief patterns, emotional trauma/issues, physical conditions, self esteem, abuse, relationships, opening intuition, releasing blockages, karma & past lives, planetary healing; the aligning with your HIgher Self and multi-levels of being, and the integrating of spirit and matter.

As a unified energy, DRACO is a key energy coming through at the time of the new era; being instrumental in the shifting of consciousness of the planet, as well as the balancing of the planetary being itself and overall 'cosmic' evolution.

Dragon Wisdom

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Michelle's Testimonials..

"This morning, I have been watching the unspeakable beauty of the sunrise unfold before me and felt the divine flow through me with every sense.

I felt gratitude for my life vibrate in every cell of my body and part of that gratitude was to you"..

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